Parish Council News

Although the Parish Council has its' own website ( this page is intended to report on ongoing matters which are relevant to Griston residents. Visit the aforementioned website for details of councillors, agendas and minutes of meetings, and matters financial.



Two new Councillors bring the P.C. to full strength

The forthcoming local elections brought the opportunity for new blood on the Council and the addition of John Ashdown and Bryan Reece, from the A.G.M. on 15th May, restored it to its' full strength of seven for the first time in several years. David Barnett was re-elected Chairman and Marie McGuinness replaces Tracey Johnson as Vice-Chairman.


SAMS2 finally arrives!

After a long delay the village finally has a speed awareness sign. It will be moved every 4 weeks, and will be sited on Church Road and Thompson Road (re-calibrated to 40mph) to alert speeding motorists. Let us hope that it has the desired effect in keeping everyone to the speed limit. If not, everyone should be aware that it records data on the number of offenders (NOT number plates) and this information can be passed to the police who can then arrange for their own speed traps which will, of course, result in prosecutions


Dog mess

A subject which created much comment on the recent Village Appraisal, we now have some signs which will be sited around the village soon to attempt to persuade everyone to pick up after their dogs. An item was also placed on the Griston facebook page, which drew several comments. Please help by reporting (preferably with some photographic evidence) anyone leaving mess on the footpaths - with the right proof we shall prosecute offenders.


Land purchase - top of Carbrooke Road

This process seems to have been going on for ever - in fact over 2 years! It is the Ministry of Defence holding things up and we are constantly pressing our solicitors to badger them for action. Once the purchase has been completed the Parish Council will decide what to do with it. From the recent village appraisal there was strong favour for a peace/wildlife garden as well as an 'outdoor gym' area. If you would like to have your say, contact any councillor or use the 'Contact Us' tab on this website and your views will be taken into account.



Another 'hot topic' which the council is addresssing - we don't want our village spoilt by thoughtless individuals so any ideas as to how to stop people dropping their rubbish would be welcome.



The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance and safety of the playground. Weekly inspections are carried out and the council are at present in the process of spending several thousand pounds having repairs and renovations carried out by a specialist company. If you have anything to report contact Parish Council Chairman, David Barnett on 01953 880441 or use the 'Contact Us' tab on this website.


Off-Road street lighting on Manor Road

Following comments by residents, the Parish Council has been trying to get confirmation from the prison that they will continue to supply the electricity to the off-road lights, as it has been their responsibility since the estate was built. In return, the council has agreed to pay the cost of maintenance, thus ensuring the lighting is not lost. Alas, the prison have been so far unresponsive and we continue to attempt to get them to co-operate on the matter. Please, therefore, be assured that it is NOT forgotten.


Village Apparisal 2018

After all the work put in by the Parish Council in compiling and distributing the Appraisal to all 220 dwellings in the village, it is sad to report that only 48 took the time and trouble to complete and return it, less than 22%. This has meant that the results are largely acedemic and that the Council still has no accurate data on the demographic of the village, important to planning and understanding best where to channel resources and target projects.

We can only hope that when the exercise is repeated, perhaps in the next few years, more residents will be aware of its' importance and complete and return it. In the meantime, anyone wishing to see the results can go to where it can be downloaded.