Griston is situated in the Wayland area of the Breckland district in the
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County of Norfolk and is mentioned in the Domesday Book.
It is most famous for being the village in which the wicked uncle lived
in the legendary tale of "The Babes in the Wood", first published in 1595
and featured on the village sign, pictured below.
 It's historic church of St. Peter and St. Paul dates back to the 14th century
and the village pub, the Waggon & Horses dates back to 1741.
 In more recent times it's adjacency to the land purchased by the government
to create R.A.F. Watton during WW2 gave it an association with both the
British and American servicemen operating from there.
 Today it comprises some 220 dwellings, 2 of which are thatched and a small
number of thriving light industrial units, as well as Wayland Prison opened in
1985 and today housing up to 1000 inmates.
 It has a Parish Council, which currently meets during the first week of every
other month. All residents are welcome to attend meetings but to keep up with
Parish Council matters, visit it's own website at


  waggongriston church renovated - copyNew Sign

                       The 'Waggon & Horses'                                    The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul                  The Village Sign

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                                                                                                      following the renovation of the church

                                                                                                     tower in 2015, further information can be

                                                                                                     found at http:[email protected]

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