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  1. The recent Grand Second Hand Book sale held at Thompson Community Hall took on the day £1,220.44, which is the best yet!

    £406.81 each will be given to Griston and Thompson churches and Thompson Community Hall, this last in lieu of hire fees. We want to thank everyone who has helped with the sales during the year, either by donations, volunteering, and of course by buying.  With your support we have distributed over three thousand pounds this year alone.

    The sales in 2019 will be on 13th April, 13th July, and 14th September.

    The Spring Sale will have plants & planters for sale, so we'd very much appreciate donations if you are splitting any house or garden plants. Donations of toys, games, puzzles, really any child-related items except clothes, will be most welcome for our Summer Children's Special. Details of the Autumn Sale are still to be finalised. Watch this space! Donations can be left with us at any time, just give us a call. We will of course collect if needed. We look forward to welcoming you next year.

    Keith & Caroline 880153

  2. At the Parish Council meeting held on 27th November, the plans for a gate at the Manor Road end of the footpath round the prison were outlined by Phillip Sanders, a Governor of the prison and Head of Residence & Safety. 

    Several members of the public were in attendance and offered their views, which were, by and large, favourable to the idea, understanding the problem that exists with "throw-overs" into the prison. The gate would be large enought to allow prams/puch chairs through and a number key-pad would allow use by villagers. The number of the key-pad would be frequently changed.

    Mr Sanders stressed that at the moment it was just an idea that is being discussed and the governors, taking into account the comments made at the meeting and further considering the logistics etc., will decide whether or not to take it this space!