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  1. The Parish Council recently received almost £300 for the glass collected from the recycling point at Angelica Place on Manor Road.

    We know how easy and convenient it is to throw your glass into the black wheelie-bin, but think how much more that figure could be if everyone took the trouble to dispose of their glass there.

    Pass the word around and encourage your friends and neighbours;

                          GLASS to MANOR ROAD = CASH FOR GRISTON!!

  2. On reading the results of the Parish Appraisal I was quite surprised to read that 
    someone had made the comment “Very disappointed the village did nothing to 
    support the 100 year armistice event.”  In fact there was a display in the church 
    from the 27th October to 11th November with information about the men named 
    on the Memorial and also men from the village who served but returned.  There 
    was also a Remembrance Service at the church on Sunday 11th November when 
    the stories of the men from the village who gave their lives were read out.  All of 
    which was advertised in The Waylander. 
    I am now researching those who served in the Second World War and also life in 
    the village during the war years.  If anyone has any information regarding this I 
    would be very pleased to hear from them. 
    Bridget Park 882840